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Work and travel: how to be a travelling engineer ?

The topic of travelling and working at the same time , until recently, have seemed to be unrealistic and impossible. Many people working in companies and running their own businesses do not have the opportunity to travel without any restrictions. And I know from experience, that many of them dreams about it over and over. However, if you are working as a freelancer or engineer, your perspective drastically deferrers from those who have a stationary working schedule.

You are able to hop on the plane with your laptop and start custom software development while lying on the beach on Bahamas. Isn’t it a great idea ? So take up your courage and read this article to see how you can become a travelling freelancer !

Why travel as an engineer or freelancer?

Working and travelling at the same time may be very beneficial to your body and mind health. Routine probably won’t take over when you are abroad working, learning and exploring. You can work non-stop and you don’t need extra vacation because you already have one ! That is why there is no burnout, no feeling of being bored or unsuccessful. When you travel you feel like you are achieving something every single day. What is more, during the moment of actual commuting from A to B you can spend your time meaningfully by working and coming up with best ideas. For example, when you are on a plane, the Internet is not going to disturb you and you may produce the best work of your career.

How long should you travel ?

I would recommend to stay in one place from 2 to 3 months maximum. Why is that ? First of all, it is the maximum time of the typical tourist visa in most countries. It is also enough time to relax and get to know the place you are staying in quite well. It also gives you a break from travel sessions which can cause a lot of stress. Also, 3 months is a time when you can build real friendships. How awesome is to have a friend on every continent, am I right ?


This type of lifestyle is not a dream come true for a married couple with two kids.. I am not saying that they are forbidden to do it, not at all! However, children, especially those who go to school, need stability and changing place every 3 months may be too distracting for them. As far as travelling with girlfriend/boyfriend is concerned, it can be by far the most expensive option but at the same very rewarding. It depends, of course, how compatible two people are. Travelling together may bring one couple closer but drive another one apart. The crucial factor is whether your significant other is also working. If he/she has the same opportunity as you, it can be said that it is a perfect solution. However, when your partner is just keeping you company, it may not work so well when you are actually working!

Travelling with a friend may be very beneficial to your wallet ! You can split the costs and push each other to do thing you might not do yourself. It may be a great adventure shared with the best friend.

The last option is travelling alone. The most convenient one out of these three however it may feel kind of lonely. It is for people who are introvert and prefer solitude rather than being attached to someone all the time. It is a great opportunity to get to know yourself a little better and being able to put yourself out to the world. Around the world, there are people who travel alone ( I’ve personally met a few ) who say it is the adventure of the lifetime.

What are the essential things you have to take on your freelance adventure ?

  • Backpack
  • Laptop
  • Unlocked Smartphone to get a local SIM card
  • Tablet
  • GPS
  • Power bank
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Painkillers (something for every type of ache )
  • Passport, Take photos of this on your phone and also email them to yourself.
  • Insurance card, Take photos of this on your phone and also email them to yourself.
  • SIM card collection
  • Business cards

How to find a place to stay?

There is a number of websites and mobile apps and communities which offer a place to stay. The choice depends on how long do you want to stay in one place. If it is just for few nights, you can find a hotel or you can try Couchsurfing (A social networking tool for travelers while voyaging on the cheap. Couchsurfing can be done in over 250 countries with more than 2,000,000 couchsurfers worldwide. Popularized by its website, all that’s required is to simply create a profile and request or offer a couch.). If you are staying longer or prefer higher standards, you can choose Airbnb or Alltherooms.

Few words on how to pull all of it off

I am aware that spontaneous trips are fun, but planning a little earlier may save you some money. The longer you wait, the more expensive it may get.

Remember about these points especially:

Always be connected and proactive.

Always lock your suitcases

When flying, always check the rates for business class.

When you’re on long flights, get up and walk around every couple hours.

The last thing which you should remember before taking up long-term travelling: BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN

Sometimes it is not under your control and you have to let it go. You cannot plan everything when you travel and sometimes you need to adapt to given circumstances. Be spontaneous and let the great things happen to YOU!