Google My Business

What is Google My Business and why you should use it

Google My Business is some sort of business directory. But despite getting your business listed, you are receiving a lot of great features that will help you promote the business through the Google Search. Let’s see what Google My business is and why you should use it.

Most of businesses think that marketing is not important. Not more than a few years later they are frustrated asking themselves why they had to close their firms. If you are reading this, you know the reason why they didn’t succeed.

It is impossible to sell anything if the clients cannot find you. When people think about internet they think about Google. And the Google dictates the terms. The only thing you could do with it is to accept it. It is obvious that the Google will promote businesses which are using their tools.

Google cares of positive user experience so the more filled your Google Business profile is the better. Beside it is impossible to access all of the features before verification.

Once you register the Google My Business Profile, the Google will send you a verification code. Code will be delivered to your business location, just to confirm either you are available there.

Once the code is provided you will be available to access all of the fantastic features.

Some of the Google’s My Business Features


Collect reviews from your clients. All your reviews will be featured once somebody finds you through the Google Search. There is a lot of websites with client’s reviews.

customer reviews

It is impossible to have reviews listed on each of them. But once you have reviews listed at your Google My Business profile, you can always redirect your clients there – so they can check what your clients are saying about you.


For now (June 2020) you can add a few types of posts: COVID-19 update, special offer, company’s update, event, product. Google does not like outdated content, so keep your company’s profile up to date. The most recent posts will be shown in the Google Search results as a part of our company’s listing.


Todays customers love to chat. And the Google knows it. This is why they are giving Google My business users a chat feature. The Chat is easy to manage directly from Google My business mobile app. You can download it on your mobile phone with android and iOS as well.

But remember to respond to your clients quickly! Why? Because “businesses that fail to respond to customers within 24 hours may have messaging turned off and will no longer receive messages or quote requests”. This is official Google’s notification which you will see once you turn on the chat feature on your mobile.

Google My Business Chat

Company’s website

If you do not have a website. Or, if you have a business where website development is not needed like small coffee or local restaurant, Google will help you publish a simple website. This website will be automatically developed once you provide the all necessary data about your business in the Google My Business admin dashboard.

Company’s description

By providing company’s description and by describing your products or services, you are improving your company’s chances to be found by potential clients. Beside, your company’s profile looks better.

List all your products and services. Describe them in details. You will be shocked how much clients will find you even without paid promotion.

Ability to schedule an online consultation

Nowadays we are all online – all the time. Especially due to pandemic companies have been forced to work remotely. Google knows that we love to stay connected. This is way Google My Business is giving you a special feature.

You can provide an URL address which will allow your clients to schedule an online meeting. Be modern. Give your clients an ability to book an online consultation. Stay out from the crowd of businesses which still are looking for the clients through the direct sales.

online consultation

Google insights

We are living in the world of data. The more information you have about your clients and your business the better. Thanks to the Google insights you will find how your company has been found. What queries were provided in the Google search, how many clients found you in the Google maps, and so.  

Google My Business insights

Business promotion through the Google Ads

Google Ads is the fastest and the easiest way to promote your business in the Google Search Results. Thanks to Google Ads you can easily promote your business in the Google and reach the top positions.

It is really important to have your Google My Business profile properly filled before you start advertising. Make sure that once your clients find you they will see updated information about your business.

Google My Business will improve your company’s SEO

If you care of SEO you have to register Google My Business profile for your business. Properly filled Google My business profile will improve your position in the Google Search Results.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Google is improving internet every day. As I am repeating in each of my posts about SEO – Google main goal is to improve website’s user positive experience. This is why the more time you spend on filling your Google My Business profile the better.

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