What is Facebook Pixel and why you should be using it

What is Facebook Pixel and how to use it

Are you thinking about advertising on Facebook? Maybe you have some ads running now but you are not satisfied with the conversion? Facebook Pixel is a special tool which will help you know better your audience to optimize your ads properly.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a special code that you place on website. Once the code is placed it collects information about your website visitors. Facebook Pixel tracks how your website users interact with your website and your Facebook Ads. Thanks to that you can optimize your Facebook ads for better conversions.

Facebook Pixel collects specific data that helps you ensure that your ads are seen by the right audience. By collecting detailed information about your website’s visitors, it helps you set up the best audience for your Facebook Ads.

Why you need a Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel gives you a lot of features which can help you sell more. Let me give you some example.

Imagine that somebody has visited your website. It has added an item to its shopping cart and after that it abandoned your website. Facebook Pixel could help you set up a special Facebook Ad which will be showing this product to the user who has abandoned your website. Beside the product abandoned in the shopping cart Facebook will be showing other products that this client may be interested in. It increases your chances to close the deal. Sounds good?

How to create a Facebook Pixel

If you want to create a Facebook Pixel you can do it easy by following these steps.

1. Go to Facebook Business Manager and choose a business you want to manage.

2. From the “hamburger menu” in the top left corner choose business settings.

What is Facebook Pixel

3. From the menu in the left column click Data Sources / Pixels and then click the blue button “Add”

What is Facebook Pixel

4. Name your pixel and click the continue button.

5. From the next pop up window choose Set up the Pixel now

Facebook Pixel Setup
Facebook Pixel Setup

Your Facebook Pixel is ready to connect with your website. You have three options to start collecting the data:

  • Add code using a Partner Integration – if you have one of the most common website engines like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Facebook has special plugins for the integration.
  • Manually Add Pixel Code to website – If you have the access to your website source code you can place the code by yourself.
  • Email Instruction to a developer – if you have the people who are taking care of your website this option will be the best for you.

In this guide we will focus on “Manually Add Pixel Code to website” option. So just click this option in the next pop up.

Facebook Pixel Setup

Copy and paste the pixel code into the bottom of the header section of your site, just above the </head> tag. Install the base code on every page of your website. Then click continue to set up the events.

Facebook Pixel Setup

If you are using WordPress you can install a Facebook Pixel official plugin.

Facebook Pixel Official WordPress plugin

Once you install the plugin just activate it. In the plugin settings provide your Facebook Pixel ID.

Facebook Pixel Official plugin

Facebook is giving you an easy option to set up the events by giving you the Facebook’s event tool.

Facebook Pixel Setup

Before you click “Use Facebook’s Event Setup Tool” please make sure that you have added the pixel code to your website properly. Once you click “Use Facebook’s Event Setup Tool” you will need to provide your website address. Facebook will open your website in the another tab and will help you set up the events.

Facebook Pixel Setup
Facebook Pixel events Setup

Facebook Pixel has 17 events like: Add to cart, Initiate Checkout, Lead, Purchase, Add Payment Info, Add to wishlist, Complete Registration, Contact, Customize Product, Donate, Find Location, Schedule, Search, Start trial, Submit Application, Subscribe, View Content.

Beside these events you can set up your custom events.

Facebook Pixel events Setup

You have to choose between two cateories of events: “track new button” and “track URL”. In this guide I would like to show you how to set up an event when somebody is visiting your website. So, choose the “Track URL” option. I will set up “view content” event because I want to know better the users which are visiting my blog.

You can set up an event when somebody visits specific URL like contact page or any page that contains your website domain. I recommend to set up view content event and track all your domain. So, please change the rule from to dropdown menu to “URL contains”.

Facebook Pixel events Setup

As you can see Facebook event tool helps you set up the event on website with no coding skills. And this is really great. Once I click the confirm button my event setup will be completed.

Now you can finish the setup or configure another event.

In this guide we focus only on View content event so just click the finish button and you will be redirected to the Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Pixel events Setup

Ok, now it’s time to test if the event is working properly. To check it just click “Test Events” button.

The best way to test if the events are working properly is by going to the Events Manager. Then from the menu on the left side click Data Sources and you will see all of your Pixels.

Facebook Pixel events Setup

Click on the Test Events tab and check if everything works properly. If you see the data and the green icons that means that everything should be fine.

Facebook Pixel – Website’s Privacy Policy Update

Please note that Facebook Pixel is collecting a lot information about your website visitors. It tracks how they interacts with your website and your ads on Facebook. This is why you have to update your privacy policy. Check this link for more information: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/privacy

Congratulations! You have set up your first Facebook Pixel. If you have any further questions please leave me a comment.