Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager?

It is really difficult today to grow a business without having the knowledge about social media marketing activities. Nowadays having a website or a Facebook Page is not enough. Marketing departments have to still develop unique marketing strategies to get the new clients. What is the Facebook Business Manager and why you need it? Let’s find out.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager helps manage a business on Facebook. It’s dedicated for the people who manage many assets like pages or ad accounts. It also unlocks advanced features for a business promotion. Thanks to the Facebook Business Manager it’s easier to manage marketing activities on Facebook.

When do you need a Facebook Business Manager?

When you manage more than one ad account

If you lead your own marketing department or you have a few clients with different ad accounts Facebook Business Manager is for you.

It is difficult to manage more than one Facebook asset without Facebook Business Manager. Thanks to this great solution from Facebook you can divide them into a few different accounts.

Facebook Business Manager will be especially helpful when it comes to preparing the reports or managing the payments for the ads.

When you manage a team

If you manage a team you will have an ability to manage your team members and their permissions. You can add a lot of team members with different roles. For example: employee which will be able to work only on the assets you choose, or finance analysist who will only see the payments and invoices.

When you would like to publish the advanced ads

Facebook Page gives you an ability to publish simple ads like post promotion or promotion of your Facebook Page. But if you want to run advanced ads like Facebook Lead Generation Ads or Retargeting Ads it could be impossible without Facebook Business Manager.

When you would like to increase the ads conversion

Facebook Business Manager can help you increase your ads conversion. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel you can analyze how your website users interact with your website or your ads published on Facebook.

After detailed scrutiny of your website user’s behavior, Facebook will optimize your ads and show them only to the people who could be interested in your product or service.

When you would like to have an access to the advanced reports

Facebook Page is giving you simple reports of your ads effectiveness, but only with the Facebook Business Manger you will be able to see the details. Each business need data to optimize its marketing and sale activities. So, if you care of your business growth Facebook Business Manager is for you.

When you do not need a Facebook Business Manager?

If you manage a small business and you just use Facebook Page to publish posts, then you do not need Facebook Business Manager. You also do not need it if you want to publish simple ads or just replying to your client’s messages and comments.  

How to set up Facebook Business Manager

Step 1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

Facebook Business Manager

Go to https://business.facebook.com/ and click the blue “create account” button. Then you have to fill out the form.

Facebook Business Manager how to create an account
Facebook Business Manager how to create an account

When creating a Facebook Business Manager account, you can choose between two types of the accounts. Two available options are:

  1. Promote its own goods or services
  2. Provide services to other businesses.

In this guide we focus on the first one “Promote its own goods or services”, so please check this option.

Step 2. Add a Facebook Page and set up ad account

Facebook Business Manager new account

Once you create a Facebook Business Manager account you have to connect your Facebook Page and set up ad account.

To do this you have to go to the Business Settings. The easiest way to get there is by clicking the blue “Business Settings” button in the top right corner.

First connect your Facebook Page.

From the main menu on the right go to Accounts / Pages.

Facebook Business Manager how to connect page

You have three options here:

  • Add a Page which you already own
  • Request to a Page if you need to manage a page on behalf of another business
  • Create a Facebook Page

After you have added a Page to your Facebook Business Manager you have to set up Ad Account. In the menu on the right side click Accounts / Ad Accounts and create Ad Account.

Facebook Business Manager how to create ad account

The same as with the Pages you have three options:

  • Add an Ad Account
  • Request Access to an Ad Account
  • Create a New Ad Account

Step 3. Set up a Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel helps to increase conversions from your ads and to know your website users better. Check my article What is Facebook Pixel and how to use it to learn how to set up a Facebook Pixel properly.

Step 4. Add users so they can help you manage your business on Facebook

Go to People tab. Then click on the blue button “add” to grant access to your team members.

Facebook Business Manager add a team

If you work with a marketing agency which want to manage your Business on Facebook you can grant them access in another tab Partners.

Okay! You have set up your Facebook Business Manager Account. Congratulations. If you have any other questions please contact me or leave me a comment.