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What is Marketing Automation

Have you ever heard about marketing automation? Of course, you do. But do you know what marketing automation is? In this post I will try to explain what marketing automation is and how it can improve your business.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is about automating your marketing activities. Each marketing activity has some business processes which can be automated. Instead of sending the same questions to different clients, or asking them to schedule a meeting you can implement marketing automation and save the time. But you will not only save the time. Thanks to marketing automation you will be working more effectively.

We are only humans. Each of us has 24 hours every day. It is impossible to work all the time. People have to sleep, eat, and spend time with their families and friends. But scripts do not. This is why marketing automation could be so effective.

Thanks to marketing automation you can serve your clients constantly – 365 days every year. No matter in what time zone your clients are.

How marketing automation works?

There are diverse ideas how to automate marketing activities. Each company is different, but I will show you the most common examples of marketing automation.

Contact forms

Contact forms are so powerful. Well configured contact form could really boost your sales. To understand how marketing automation can improve your contact form, you have to imagine what is happening once you receive a message from the client.

I am sure that once you receive an inquiry you have to ask your client some questions. And these questions in most cases are always the same. Beside, once you receive an inquiry you want to contact your client and schedule a meeting as quick as possible. Am I correct?

You can save the time and increase contact form conversion by automating this process. Marketing automation in that case could look like this:

  1. Client is filing the form and you receive an inquiry.
  2. Once the inquiry is received then client receives an e-mail with your questions. Beside questions, client also receives meeting invitation.
  3. Once client schedule a meeting you receive an e-mail notification. A meeting is added to your calendar automatically.

Read more about contact form conversion in my post:

Chat bots


Chat bots could work for you constantly. Every day, in every time zone. It is only up to you what the chat bot will be doing for you. Some of the most popular functions of chat bots are:

  • Prospecting – it can ask your clients questions that matter to you and then save the answers in the database
  • Meeting Scheduler – it could schedule a call with potential client
  • Service desk – it could collect information about issue client has and move it into the right department
  • Help Desk – it could answer each question client asks. It can even learns and extend its database with new answers.

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generations Ads are so popular today. A few years ago advertisement was rather about getting traffic to company’s website. Client who saw your ad was clicking it and then he was redirected to the specific URL address.

Now you can set up a special form which will be automatically filled with the client’s contact information. Instead of getting more traffic to your company’s website, you get your client’s e-mail or phone number.

lead generation

But checking everyday if you have new records from your lead generation ad could be really time consuming. You have to log in to your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and check if you have another lead in the database.

Sometimes you forget to check it. Client could be frustrated because he is waiting so long without any contact from you.

It that case marketing automation could help you as well. How? By automating this activity described above. Both Facebook and LinkedIn give you an ability to automate process of checking either you received new lead or not.

If you have CRM software, you can integrate it with your ads. Once lead occurs it will be sent to your CRM. If you do not have CRM, you can configure different type of automation. For example, you can set up your ads to send you an e-mail once new record is collected from your lead generation ad form.

E-mail sequences

If you have the database of your clients, you can also automate e-mail sequences. Your clients could receive:

  • e-mails with birthday wishes,
  • automatic follow ups if they did not reply to the e-mail you have sent them,
  • e-mail courses which will be sending a lesson every day,

Your imagination is the limit.

Marketing Automation in social media

You can set up a bot which will be contacting prospects on LinkedIn automatically. For example: One day he can view a profile of your lead, another day it can send an invitation to connect, next day it can send a message etc. Read more about this in my another article:

Marketing Automation Software

I have described you only a few examples of marketing automation but there is a lot of options available. You can find diverse great software over the Internet for marketing automation.

marketing automation

One of the most popular is Zapier. Zapier gives you an ability to automate not only marketing, but also everything which can be automated in your business. Zapier can connect the most popular apps and automate their workflows.

Another great app for marketing automation is HubSpot. HubSpot gives you a free CRM software and paid solutions for marketing and sales automation. You can easily automate your web forms, e-mail sequences and meeting scheduling. You can also set up a chat bot.


Marketing Automation can save you a lot of money and a lot of your time. You can automate work of your people and give them more responsible tasks. The same daily tasks which you have to do over and over again could be automated. Marketing automation solutions could work all the time even when you sleep.

If you want your company to grow the same as your competitors or faster, you have to consider an implementation of marketing automation in your business.