How to prepare a website on your own absolutely for free

How to prepare a website on your own absolutely free

A website is must have for each business to be found by potential clients. Of course developing a website is only the begining for you before you start walking a bended road of marketing chalenges. Nevertheles each entrepreneur has to have a place where potential leads from marketing communication channels may land. In this post I am going to show you how to develop a website using WordPress.

Today you can find many ways how to develop your website with no money. You can find free websites generators online like All of them are great but you have to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your new website. If your goal is just to have a website then you can use one of these free website generators mentioned above. But if your goal is to have a website which will be well positioned in the search engines, and easy to extend with dedicated plugins then you should choose WordPress.

WordPress has a lot of advantages I could write a seperated post just to list them but the main are:

  • Easy to set up and manage – WordPress has realy user friendly admin dashboard panel which alow you to manage your website easy. The biggest companies which offers hosting plans have cPanels with WordPress Instalator(ex. This instalator will install the WordPress on your new server in just few minutes. You just have to buy a hosting plan and the domain.
  • Simple to extend with new plugins – If you have a website managed by WordPress engine you can do everything on your own. You can find plugins for eveything. No need to pay the extra money for webdevelopment services. You can install simple plugins for https redirection, Google Analytics integration, but you can also set up an e-commerce website and a mailing list as well.
  • SEO friendly – WordPress is SEO friendly. Websites operated by WordPress are well positioned in the search engines.
  • Blog – At the begining WordPress was developed as the program for bloging. After that WordPress developers community decided to extend it to be also used as Content Management System for the websites. You can blog easy and use this blog tool for the content marketing in the future. As mentioned above content published on WordPress is well positioned in the search engines.
  • Free updates – Your website will be always up to date with the free updates for each plugin and the WordPress itself
  • Plenty of themes for the business in each category – You can find a lot of website templates no matter in what business trade you are in. Some of them are free and some cost not more than $50.

How to develop your website on the WordPress engine?

In this post I will show you step by step how to develop your own website in WordPress using the services.

  1. Go to the website and register your new domain, SSL, and the hosting plan with cPanel included.
  2. Once you finished previous step login to your cPanel. You can do this directly from your account. Just go to My Products. Then click on the hosting plan you have bought. You should see the “cPanel login” button. Once you click the button you will be logged in to your cPanel.
  3. On the homepage of your cPanel find “Softaculous apps installer” and then click on the WordPress installer just to begin install your website using “install button” on the next page.
  4. It’s already finish. You just have to fill out the form. Choose the domain, Website name, admin username and a password. Then click the Install button at the bottom of the page. You do not have to choose the template now. You can choose it later.
  5. Congratulations your website is ready!

Let’s customize your website now!

  1. Choose your website template. You can find some of the best Free WordPress templates here: all of them you can find in your WordPress dashboard. No need for downloading them from the website above.
  2. Once you have choosen the template login to your WordPress dashboard then go to the Appearance / Themes / Add New
  3. Type the name of the theme you have choosen in the search and click “install” button to download the theme. Once the theme is downloaded the button will change into “activate” – click it to run your theme. Please note that sometimes the theme needs specific plugins to works properly. WordPress will inform when that happen.
  4. After theme is activated please go to the Appearance / Customize to customize your website
  5. You are all set. Congratulations. Sometimes a theme has a demo importer which allows you to import the demo data.

Most of the content you can edit using Pages or Posts tab in the main menu of your WordPress dashboard. Each theme has its own documentation. If you have some issues during the instalation of the theme try to google “WordPress *name of your theme” theme documentation. You will find detailed instructions to follow just to set up your new theme properly.