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How to get more clients – complete guide

A few years ago, a process of sales was totally different than it is today. The world of sales is changing every day. Each salesman has to develop its skills constantly. What worked a few years ago could not work the same today. You should develop your skills all the time. Everyday look for the new solutions to find more clients. In this article I will try to give you detailed tips how to boost your sales. I am sure that once you read all the tips you will be available to collect more clients.

This guide is divided into a few parts. You can read each of them or just skip to the one you are interested in.

  1. What is lead generation
  2. The most effective lead generation tactics
  3. How to get more clients
  4. How to get more clients for new business
  5. How to get more clients for software development company
  6. Conclusion

What is lead generation?

Wikipedia’s definition: “In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.”

For me lead generation is a combination of marketing activities which main goal is to fill the pipeline with a list of potential clients, by building an interest in company’s product or service. In most cases lead generation is about answering client’s questions with your website content, online publications, articles, and online courses. Lead generation is combined with a content marketing strategy because it needs a lot of cleverly prepared content.

Why lead generation is important?

The answer to that question is simple. Lead generation is important because the old school of sales will not work today. If a company wants to grow, it has to know what lead generation is. Ten years ago, buyers were uneducated about the product they wanted to purchase. If the buyers wanted to buy something they were going to the seller. Then highly educated salesman who knew each product detail was starting his sales presentation. Clients gave the salesman theirs trust and often they were buying a super smart product they did not need.

Today buyers are more educated in the product or service the want to buy. Before people make a decision about buying they are seeking for the information. They are looking for the information in the Google and in the Social Media. They are asking their friends and searching for the product reviews online, just to compare the quality and the price with other available products. Before client goes to the buyer, he knows everything about the product. He wants this specific product because all the information he found, helped him to make a decision about buying. But the question is, why he decided to buy this specific product? Who has written this information he has read? Yes, you are right. These, information was published by the company which was selling this specific product. And this is how it is today. This example show you how the lead generation works.

What is the biggest lead generation challenge?

The biggest lead generation challenge is to collect high-quality leads. The most important is to collect the leads that will buy your product or service. But not only this sort of leads is valuable. Leads which will not buy from you but are interested in your product or service are also valuable. You my educate them in your product or service, and sale to them in the future. Once they are educated in your product and they trust you, then they will give you their money.

If you collect leads that are not interested in your product or service, they could be useless. This is why you have to know more about your client personas. You may also be interested in reading my other article about content marketing strategy and client personas. No worries you will find a link in the end of this guide.

The most effective lead generation tactics

Below you will find the most effective lead generation tactics which you may use today to start your lead generation process.

what is lead generation


This is obvious. Every company needs a website. Clients are looking for everything in the Google. If you do not have a website, you will not be found. There is a lot of solutions for a website over the internet. You can have a website for $50. No need for hiring a professional company for the website development. In the end of this article I will give you a link to a guide how to develop a website on your own.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Once you have a website you have to know that SEO is a key to your business grow. Without SEO you will not be found by potential clients. If you not be found by potential clients, you will not sale anything. If you not sale anything you will have to seek for a job ;-). In the end of this article I will give you a link where you can find a few useful SEO tips.

Company’s blog

Company’s blog is a great solution to generate the traffic of potential clients to your website. If you know your client personas you also know the questions they are asking. It is really important to post the articles which are answering the questions customers ask. If you still looking for the questions, try Just type keywords you are interested in and let the Google helps you find your client’s questions.


Writing an E-book is also a good option for lead generation. Once you write an E-book you will be an expert in your potential client’s eyes. And this is good. We trust experts. E-book is a great opportunity to answer the questions potential client asks. But the most essential is that you can combine your E-book with lead generation form. You will find more informations about lead generation forms later in this article. Give your potential clients an opportunity to download an E-book for free. They just have to give you their contact information in return.

Lead Generations Ads in the Social Media

Lead Generations Ads work the same as mentioned in the previous paragraph about an E-book. A company is publishing a special form which the client has to fill to receive more information like: Free E-Book, Contact from sales, Free Online Course, and so. The most popular Lead Generation Ads are Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms. A few words more about Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms a few paragraphs later.

How to Get More Clients

What worked 10 years ago is not working today – they say. They are right. Business in 2020 is totally different as it was 10 years ago. Use these followings modern solutions to gain more clients in 2020.

10 years ago communication between people was different as it is today. Facebook and other social media websites have changed the way we communicate between each other. 10 years ago people were talking “in real” more often than today. Nowadays people communicate rather using communicators like: Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber and so. Social media and the Internet forced businesses to seek for different ways of gaining more clients.

Thanks to the Internet and the social media we – as the humans – do not want to meet with the people from sales – before we are clear about what we want. Before we meet the salesman we are seeking for the information about a product or service in the Google. People are searching for opinions and ratings. Very often we ask people we know for the opinions they have. Since you start wander curvy road seeking for the new clients you should remember what was mentioned in this paragraph. If you do so, then it will be easier for you to understand why the following tips are so important in todays business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is really time-consuming. But it is also one of the most powerful marketing strategies people have ever developed. Content Marketing is about developing high-quality content. The content should be specific. It has to answer the questions your customers are asking. Thanks to that if they start to looking for the answers, they will find you. Below you will find some parts of the content marketing strategy:

  • a blog
  • an e-book
  • a newsletter

What should you write about? The answers is simple. Ask yourself what questions your clients are asking and then write them the answers. In the end of this article I will give you a link where you will find more information about content marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Sales Automation

LinkedIn is one of the most known social media website where you can find a lot of potential clients. Unlike Facebook, on LikedIn you will find profiles of the people who have their own businesses. On the LinkedIn you will also find people who work in the diverse companies from all over the world. In the other words LinkedIn is a huge database of your potential business leads.

LinkedIn is a platform where most of the professionals have their profiles. On LinkedIn you can find all sort of people from office managers to the CEOs of the world biggest firms. Now it’s easier to contact anybody than it ever was.

LinkedIn has three types of users:

  • people who are looking for new business opportunities
  • people who are looking for a job
  • people from HR who are seeking employees for their clients

In my opinion LinkedIn is some kind of Facebook, but for business. People are extending their brand awareness but also they are building strong business relationships. LinkedIn users are also exchanging a lot of information, the same as on Facebook. I personally see a big area for finding new leads on LinkedIn, and I am using LinkedIn especially on that purpose.

LinkedIn can really boost your sales. To show you the scale try to imagine how you collected potential leads a few years ago. You were searching your local market to find the right people and then mostly you wanted to set up a meeting. It was really difficult to find and reach the right people. Cold calling was the most effective way to increase sales. 10 years ago sales people were sitting in front of their desks with the YellowPages, calling each firm on the list in their location. LinkedIn is something similar but different rules. And what is really great, you can reach the people all over the world.

The most beautiful today is that we as the human nation are making huge progress in the technology every day. More and more companies are automating each area of theirs businesses. Automation is everywhere. Also in sales. Especially on LinkedIn. Imagine how much money would you spend if you hire the people to call on your behalf the database of 10 000 contacts. Even if a call will last no longer than a minute it takes about 166 hours to call 10 000 records. If the hourly rate is $20 you will spend about $3320 to pay for this job. If the person you hire will work 40 hours a week it will take over a month for completion. But the good news is you can automate this job today by spending $50/month and hiring… a bot.

How to automate your sales on LinkedIn

There is a few tools on the market which you can use to automate your sales on LinkedIn. I am personally in fond of Alfred. Alfred has a lot of great functionalities that will help you automate your sales on LinkedIn. The main features:

  • Automate profile visits to trigger social look-backs
  • Invite prospects to connect and build warmer relationships
  • Schedule personalized follow-up messages
  • Supercharge your prospecting efforts with InMails
  • Alfred also has a CRM software with can help you manage all of your leads.

Alfred is really easy to set up. It gives you detailed reports of your campaign conversion. Each campaign has it own sequence. You can develop a sequence on your own. Example sequence of your campaign could look like this:

  1. View their LinkedIn profile
  2. Send a connection request x days/hours from the previous step with a custom message.
  3. Proceed to the next step only if lead accepts your connection
  4. Send a custom message x days/hours from the previous step.

As you can see above, the bot can do exactly the same that you are doing on LinkedIn, when looking for the new business opportunities. If you can automate your job why dont’t you consider it?

Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool to prepare a database of potential leads you want to connect with. The good news is that Sales Navigator is free of charge for 30 days. During this free trial period you can use all of its functionalities. Set up a database and send it to Alfred. He will do all the job for you.

Instead of searching profiles and doing social sales on your own you can hire a bot. Drink coffee and analyse your sales. To be successful you do not have to work hard. Instead of working hard, work smart with the hi-tech tools you can find today on the market. We are living in the hi-tech world. If you want to stay ahead of the competition you have to still search for new tools that can help your business grow.

Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms have similar functionalities. Idea is simple. Give something to potential client for free – collect contact information in the return. So simple. So powerful. Both of these tools are closely combined with the content marketing strategy. If you know what questions your clients are asking then you develop a content which answers this questions. As an example try to imagine that you have written an e-book. You set up a campaign. You give the E-book to the potential clients and you receive contact information(name, e-mail, phone number etc.) in the return.

These strategies mentioned above will boost your sales for sure. If you are just at the beginning of developing your own business the next paragraph is especially for you. You are welcome 😉

How to get more clients for new business

Each firm is struggling when it comes to find new areas for sales. Even if your company is really solid with outstanding cashflow you still need customers. Nowadays the competitors are inventing still new methods to gather more leads. If you do not follow them you could have a lot of stressful days in the office. Especially at the very beginning convincing clients to choose newbie can me tough. But no worries. I promise you that with the following tips you should shake off this coiled spring.

10 tips how to gain more clients for new business

Do something for free just to gain a review

Yes – totally free of charge. Doing something on the house is the best path to find your first client. When the client is not risking his own money it is really possible that he will decide to give you a chance. Once you receive the chance then you have to do your best to show your client that you were the best choice. Either you do not earn money you will collect something more valuable – the trust. Trust of your first client who may buy something again – this time for the bucks. Also it will be easier for you to collect next customers once you already have your first positive review.

Ask for referrals

We all know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy… Ask your friends and your family for the referrals to the people who may need your product or service. I am sure you will receive a bunch of leads you may contact later. Cold calling is really difficult especially at the beginning of your sales journey. But at the begging you have to stay focused on the sales all the time.

Take care of you website

Nowadays people say “if you are not in the Google you are not exist”. That is so true. Today we are googling each and every information we are looking for. How the hell people find you if you do not have a website? This is really important to find a pro to take care of your website. The best entrepreneurs are taking care of each detail in theirs businesses. Steve Jobs adoptive father was a carpenter. He was preparing really stylish furnitures. He was focused on the back of the wardrobe the same as on the front. He was so demanding when it comes to preparing something invisible. So why you are not taking care of something that people see? Nowadays preparing a website is easy. You can buy a great WordPress theme for $50 and set up it on your own. You can search for WordPress themes here: As mentioned in the paragraph about lead generation you will find a link to a guide “how to develop a website on your own” in the end of this article.

Be active in the social media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin? Does it sounds weird to you? You have to change it right now. Set up your social media profiles and be active there. Publish something at least once a week. Consider the investment of small amount of money to reach locals in your business area. Ask your friends to share your social media profiles with their friends so you can collect more followers.

Find a website with jobs for your company

You can find a lot of websites where you can secure a business in every category. Thumbtack, Freelancer, Craiglist, Bark, etc. Each country has its own website with the potential deals. You just have to find it.

Register to a local networking institution which supports a business trade off

Every country has its own networking groups. Each network has its own rules. For me the most popular is BNI. They are all over the world organising business breakfasts. No member fees at the first meeting. At first meeting you pay only for the breakfast. If you decide to come back then you have to pay a member fee. The form of each business breakfast is the same. First everybody eats the breakfast. Then each of members can stand up and say a few words about its business. People are talking about what they can offer and what are they looking for. After everybody finishes a business presentation the best part of the meeting begins. All of you can exchange a business card with anybody that can help you secure a business and talk.

Everyday extend your list of potential clients

You have to work on your contacts. Every day add a new row to your database of contacts. Always search for somebody you can meet and offer your product or service. If you did not extend a list during the day you were loosing time. Time is money and especially at the beginning you have to spent 80% of your time searching for the new customers. Believe me or not if you do not extend your list you will bankrupt faster than you could ever imagined.

Once you have a list make a call and set up a meeting

Yes, a meeting with somebody you do not know. It can be tough at the beginning but no pain no gain they say. Everyday meet somebody. Even if your contact will not be interested in your product or service it can always give you a few contacts to extend your list. Always ask people why should you do to interest your clients with your product or service. The replies can be priceless. That sort of feedback can really improve your product before the upcoming meetings.

Find the local events and go there

Be everywhere every time. Just install a Meetup mobile app and look for the local events. Most of them are hosted by somebody and totally free of charge. You can choose a category that fits to your business. Always have a business cards. And the most important remember that you are not a watcher. Be active. Ask people how they like the event and once they reply hop in with a few words describing your business. A few. Nobody wants to be a listener. After you say about what you are doing then reflect for the listening and ask about yours interlocutor business.

Make mistakes and learn – talk to yourself on the paper

Everyday ask yourself what was good and what was bad. Ask yourself what could you improve to be better next time. And never make the same mistake again – only fools do so. You are your best business partner. Trust your intuition. If you talk to yourself on the paper the answers may shock you. Be your own coach.

Once you make some money for your new business with the tips above, then you can invest them in the lead generation tactics mentioned at the beginning of this article.

How to get more clients for software development company

I am especially in fond of software development companies. I am working with the software developments companies for over a decade. Software Developers are the most wanted workers all over the world. In each and every country companies are seeking for the new employees to extend their software development teams. But how do they find clients? Let’s try to answer this question.

3 ways to find more clients for software development company

A lot of people want to create a software development company. But most of them quit really fast. Competition is really strong at the software development market. I have developed a software development company which has clients all over the world. I was running software development companies for more than 10 years. I know how difficult it can be to find the valuable clients for the software development.

There are two stages of finding new clients for the software development. Depends on where you are with your business the solution may be different. The way of seeking clients for the new company is different than for the company which want to conquer another market(ex. international market.). Software Development company which is new just want to be hired. No matter by who. New business has to secure money for the employees. It’s much easier to find clients for the new company. New software development company has not much demands about new client. On the other hand a company which is on the market about a few years and doing well, has much more demands when it comes to sign the contract. Existing company do not want to just sign the contract. The contract has to fit their sales policy conditions like: minimum rates, minimum contract duration, specific technologies. In that case company has to develop long-term marketing strategy. This is too complicated to describe it in one post. But I have some tips that company on every stage of grow may use to find more clients for the software development.

Websites with jobs for software developers

You will find a plenty of websites with jobs for the software development in the Internet. Each of them has a lot of jobs. Some of the most popular websites with the jobs for programmers are:

The problem with websites like these above is that they are rather for freelancers. It could be difficult to secure a business for the company but it is not impossible. You can always register your company profile and bid for the jobs. The competition is really big. A lot of profiles registered. Mostly the job wins this one who is the cheaper. But an advantage of this type of websites is extending your company brand awareness. Most of this sort of website give you an ability to promote your company profile. It can give you a lot of traffic to your website where you can change this traffic to potential business leads.

Software Development Companies Online Directories

If you want to get more clients from the international market you have to know how international clients are searching for the companies like yours. There are only 10 slots on the first page in the Google. It is impossible to list there all the software development companies all over the world. In the top 10 positions are listed the most popular software development companies directories. They are giving the client who search a list of companies which he can hire. How to deal with that? The answer is simple. You have to be on these lists. The most popular company directories when it comes to the software development are:

Add your company to these websites above. Remember to upload your portfolio and to collect client reviews. These websites can generate you a huge traffic of clients who may be interested in hiring you. To be up to date with the most popular directories just type: software development company” in the Google search.

Guest posting

In simple words guest posting is about gaining a backlinks from the articles about subject your clients may be interested in. For example: if you do software development then you are looking for the articles about software development. You contact the authors and ask them to link a phrase ex. “software development” to your website. Thanks to that the potential client may find your company. This type of marketing strategy will give you two big advantages:

  • It will improve your company position in the Google
  • It will give your company website more traffic of the high-quality leads

Nowadays clients are looking for the information before they buy. Each client persona is asking different questions. To find clients you have to know what questions your clients are asking, so you can give them the right answers. You can also use a tool which helps you to find the content your clients may value. Ahrefs app is a great solution to find content for guest posting. Ahrefs content explorer will search all the Internet to list you the right articles for guest posting.


I am sure with these tips above you should secure at least one business. I believe in you! Fingers crossed! If you liked this article I will really appreciate your comment. Thank you in advance for all the comments and sharing this above with your friends.

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