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How to get clients immediately with Mailchimp

There is a lot of guides how to get clients. If somebody is looking for these types of guides, it wants to have the results fast. These type of users do not have clients and they want the clients immediately. So, after you read this guide you will find clients immediately. Of course, it’s up to you if you secure a business. But after you read this guide you will start receiving inquiries immediately. I promise.

My word means everything to me. So, if you not receive any client’s inquiry after reading this post please contact me. I will give you 30 minutes free consultation.  You have my word so let’s begin 😉

How to get clients immediately

To start getting clients immediately you will need a few things:

  • Mailchimp account
  • Canva account
  • Company profile on Facebook
  • Product or Service you want to sell

It is only six steps from now before you start getting clients!

Step one – Create the Mailchimp account

Mailchimp is not necessary if you have the knowledge how to create Facebook ads on your own. It is much easier for the beginners to start their first Facebook ad with Mailchimp. Beside, Mailchimp will help you to build and manage your database of subscribers. And what is the most important, with Mailchimp you will be able to set up some marketing automation in the future.

In simple words you will get more long term value for your business if you use the tool like Mailchimp than creating an add directly on Facebook.

During first log in session you will have to configure your Mailchimp by providing a few information like your first name and last name. A few details about your company will be needed as well.

mailchimp registration

Step two – Create a landing page

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a sort of website. But instead of showing all your company’s offer, the landing page main goal is to collect contact information about leads interested in the specific product or service.

Once a contact is collected, then a company’s representative is contacting the clients about the offer.

Your marketing automation campaign goal

We will be using the landing page in our campaign. All of the clients will be redirected there. The most important thing you have to remember about is that your goal is just to collect client’s contact information.

So, do not waste the time on developing complicated website with a lot of unnecessary content. A few sentences about your offer will be enough.

Landing Page ideas

Please note that clients do not want to risk money. But they can risk their time just to decide either they work with you or not. This is why the reason of this campaign is to give the clients a free consultation about your product or service.

For example:

  • If you are selling SEO services, you should offer “a free SEO consultation”
  • If you are a beautician, you offer “a free consultation (about your service here)”
  • If you are a lawyer, you offer “a free consultation about your case”
  • If you are a dog professional trainer you offer “a free consultation about your dog bad behavior”
  • If you are a dietitian, you offer “a free consultation about your diet”

The idea is to offer a free consultation just to build a trust between you and the prospect. You have to show that you are an expert and you know what is going on.

In the end of the consultation you are telling the client about your products and the pricing.

Do not nag the client to make a purchase.

Leave him alone for a few days after the consultation. You can also ask the client to leave you a review. Even if the client not buy, you will at least have another positive review.

The more positive reviews you have the better.

How to create the landing page

In the main menu of your Mailchimp dashboard click: Create –> Landing Page, and set up a name for your new landing page.

create a landing page in mailchimp
how to create a landing page in mailchimp

Landing Page Free Templates

Mailchimp has a free landing page generator. Where you can easily set up your own landing page from the scratch. You can also develop one from a template.

In this guide I will use “grow your list” template. The reason I have chosen this one is that I just want a simple form with small amount of the content. I just want to collect contact information about a lead.

Once you choose a template you will be redirected to a free landing page generator. In this generator you will be able to set up your dedicated content like pictures, text and the lead generation form.

mailchimp landing page lead generation

Just click on “logo” and replace it with your own logo or a picture. Provide the proper heading and a description. After that, you have to configure a contact form. You can add more form fields and decide what a user will see once the form is filled.  

To add more form fields just click on the form and you will be able to easy choose which form fields you want, and which of them are not necessary.

mailchimp lead generation form

The best form should have 3 fields maximum. Read more about: contact form conversion.

Once you add all of the form fields, set up what user will see once the contact form is filled.

You have two options: Confirmation Message or Web Address. In this case I would recommend the Confirmation Message.

confirmation message

Eventually my landing page will look something like this:

landing page

Step three – create simple marketing automation

Ok, we have the landing page ready. Now it’s time to show your clients that you are professional and you do care of client positive experience. Beside showing a notification to the client once the form is filled, you will send him an e-mail confirmation.

No worries. Everything will be automated.

In the main menu of your Mailchimp dashboard click Automate –> E-mail. Then choose Subscriber Activity Tab and Welcome New Subscribers.

e-mail automation

Then you have to develop an e-mail which will be send to the clients once they leave you their contact information.

It is really important to set up proper subject of the e-mail. Your client has to be clear about who sent this e-mail. You can set up the subject to be like: “Free consultation – Your company name”.

how to send an e-mail in mailchimp

Then click the “edit delay and recipients” button and choose “immediately” option. Thanks to that the client will receive an e-mail immediately after it leaves you the contact details.

e-mail delay set up

Next step is to prepare the right content of the confirmation e-mail. To do that just click the “edit design” button and provide the content.

e-mail generator mailchimp

Remember to leave the “*|IF:FNAME|*” in the e-mail. Why? Because in this place the client will see his name.  And we all like to be call by our names. Don’t you?

Step four – Create your first ad

Go to your Mailchimp account and click Automate –> Add in the main menu

create ad in mailchimp

Then in the popup window click “Facebook / Instagram” tab. Set up a name for your campaign and click “begin” button.

create an ad

Once you do that you should be redirected to the view which will look like this:

ad configuration in mailchimp

You have to connect your Facebook account before we go further so just click the button “connect Facebook” and follow the instructions.

create facebook ad

Once the Facebook account is connected you have to specify the audience. The audience are the people who will see your ad. You can set up specific cities, countries, interests, and so.

create the audience facebook ad in malchimp

If you set up the audience, then you have to decide how much money you want to spend a day for showing you ad on Facebook.

I would recommend to set up not more than $10 a day at the beginning. You can even start with a $5 a day.

facebook ad campaign budget set up in mailchimp

You also have to add a payment method.

add a payment method

If everything is configured properly, you have to add some content for the ad. No worries. No photoshop skills needed. This is the time when the Canva goes.

Step five – Design your ad

Register the Canva account. It’s free. You have to design your ad.

The ad proper dimensions are  1200 x 628 px. So, log in to your Canva’s account. Click the “Create a design” button and set up custom dimensions. Then click the “create new design button”.

create an ad in canva

There is a lot of free templates in Canva’s templates library. You can also upload your own pictures and add text.

facebook ad design in canva

Step six – finish the ad configuration

Now you go back to your Mailchimp account To begin just click “Add Content” button. And first of all upload yours brand new mesmerizing design.

add content to your ad mailchimp
create an facebook ad in mailchimp

In the link to form field provide your landing page URL address and fill a few last form fields.

If you have forgotten the landing page URL address just go back to the “campaigns” by clicking Campaigns in the main menu.

how to create an facebook ad


You did it! Just click the Submit Add button and wait till the clients show up. Just in case you will not miss the clients you have to do one last thing.

Go to the Audience. Then from the drop down menu on the right click Manage Audience –> Settings –> Audience name and defaults. Then provide your e-mail in the “Email subscribe notifications to:” form field.

mailchimp new subscribers notifications

That’s it. I wish you have a lot of new leads! If not, just contact me and I will give you a free consultation.