how to get backlinks

How to get backlinks?

If you want to improve your website’s position in the Google Search results you should focus on getting backlinks. One of the most common questions SEO’s beginners are asking is: How to get backlinks? In this guide I will try to give you detailed answer.

What is backlink?

Backlink is an incoming link to one website from another. Backlinks are really important because they can improve your website’s traffic. How? By improving your website’s position in the Google Search results. The more backlinks to your website the better. But not all backlinks are valuable. Some of them can improve your Google Search ranking. Some of them have not any value. Some of them could even cause you a penalty and your website will be completely removed from the search results.

Before I start to show you some tactics how you can get more backlinks I have to describe you the rules. Once you know the rules you can feel safe and be sure that you will not receive a penalty from the Google.

Types of backlinks

There are two types of backlinks. DOFOLLOW and NOFOLLOW. When somebody is placing a link to your website it can decide what sort of link it will be. By providing a special attribute to your link it could be valuable for your website or it can give you nothing special. Sometimes even a penalty.

NOFOLLOW backlinks

By writing “it can give you nothing special” in the previous paragraph I meant no value for your Google Page Rank. Of course nofollow links could be valuable because once somebody places that sort of link on its website, it can give you some traffic. But only DOFOLLOW links can improve your Google Page Rank and move your website to the highest positions. NOFOLLOW links give the Google robots instruction: do not follow that link – nothing special. So only DOFOLLOW links have solid impact on improving your website Google PR.


DOFOLLOW links give the Google robots instruction that this linked website is valuable and ask them to follow. These sort of links are improving your Google Page Rank and makes your website looks trustful for the Google Search Engine robots.

How to get backlinks?

How to get backlinks? Not every backlink is valuable for your website. Sometimes even if it’s a DOFOLLOW link it could harm your position in the Google Search results, or even gets you a penalty. I have prepared you a list of valuable links and unusable ones, so you can be sure you collect only the right ones.

Valuable backlinks

The more links you have like these links listed below the better. Google hates if somebody is trying to cheat just for the purpose of improving its position in the Google Search. There is no better advise than focus on producing the most valuable content users will love. If the users will love the content you develop, then the Google will love you as well. Only websites which are focusing on the user positive experience will reach the highest positions.

So the best what you can do is to develop the best content possible. Answer the users questions in details, so they do not have to back to the Google and ask again. If you do this, people will share your content. In this way you are getting the most valuable backlinks for free.

If you still want to improve your website’s position in the Google Search you have to focus most of your efforts on collecting the backlinks from these places listed below:

  • Social Media
  • Editorial backlinks
  • Business Listings and Directories
  • Niche Relevant Blog Comment
  • Relevant forums

Social Media Backlinks – these are all backlinks gained by sharing your content through the social media. These links are really valuable. If more people share your content in the better. If somebody shares yours content in the social media, it means to Google that you are developing useful content. If your content is valuable for the users, they will share it without asking – free of charge. This is why development of the high-quality content is so important.

Editorial Backlinks – when somebody is adding a link to your website with no asking and no money. For example: some of your website’s users were satisfied after reading your article and decided to share it with their users – on their websites. They are providing a link to your website for free. Do you see some similarity to the previous paragraph? Of course, you do. This is why development of the high-quality content is so important.

Business Listings and Niche Targeted Directories – Google really likes backlinks from the business listings. Especially from the niche targeted directories. Each business has its own niche directory. Just type niche + directory(ex. real estate directory) in the Google and you will find a lot of directories where you can add your website – in most cases absolutely free. Your company’s presence in the directories says to Google that it really exists, and it gain you Google’s trust. The best way to start building the trust between you and the Google is to add your business to the Google My Business directory. From my experience I see one issue with business listings. Most of them do not recognize unique domain names like: .life, .ninja, .software, .io, etc.

Niche Relevant Blog Comments – engagement in the discussion and comments will give you a lot of benefits. First of all, you will gain more trust because if you comment niche relevant blogs you position yourself as a specialist. Secondly you will get some high-value traffic to your website. Other people in the discussion will be curious who you are. And the last one the most valuable benefit for you is a backlink + Google’s trust. But remember to write detailed and valuable comments. Focus yourself and write something more than “Great post! Thanks for sharing!”. A lot of people are writing comments like this. They are adding no value to the author and just trying to get a backlink. If more detailed your comments are the better. You can even be argumentative.

Relevant forums – the same situation with the relevant forums like with the niche relevant blog comments. Just get into discussion. Most of the forums give you an ability to set up a footer which will be shown under each of your comments. It’s a fantastic place to add a backlink there.

Guest Posts – a lot of websites is giving the people ability to write a post for them – it’s free. These posts have to meet the specific guidelines. Guest posting is a great option to collect backlinks from relevant websites. Most of them will give you at least one backlink in the guest post written by you. To find the websites for guest posts just type in the Google “niche write for us”.

Sponsored Articles – if you care of your company’s PR and you want to get more website traffic(and the valuable backlinks), you may consider sponsored articles. You may write a sponsored article pay for its promotion and add a backlink. It’s not the best way to get more backlinks but it could work.

Unusable backlinks

Most of the people who are responsible for company’s SEO are making this common mistake. They are so much focused on getting backlinks that they do not have time to verify these links value. They are too busy to learn that some of the backlinks could be so harmful. One day their website could vanish from the Google Search results. Sad but really common scenario. If you want to avoid mentioned situation continue reading. Below you will find from which backlinks you should stay away.

Links from the websites with irrelevant content – Google does not like any manipulation. This is why you should focus on developing high quality content – as mentioned before. If the content is valuable people will give you links naturally with no money. Relevant websites will link to yours. Links from irrelevant website is a bad idea because it shows to the Google that you are trying to cheat. Google hates cheaters.

Paying somebody for collecting the links for you – it could be tempting. You can pay for the links and get a lot of them easy. But no pain no gain! If something is too beautiful to be real you should stay away of it. Of course, these links will quickly improve your website’s position in the Google Search results. But it will be only the short time improvement. Your website will be removed from the Google Search as quick as it reaches the highest positions.

Backlinks gained from another domain which redirects to yours – there is a few websites over the Internet where you can buy expired domains, or the domains which are expiring soon. Some of these domains could have a lot of backlinks even from relevant websites. These could be tempting as well. Pay $20 and collect more than 1000 backlinks. It could work but once Google catches you… 😉 Of course it’s a great idea to buy expiring or expired domain. But only in case you want to develop another website under this domain. Not for the SEO’s cheating purposes.

Sidebar and footer backlinks – a backlink in the footer, sidebar, or even main menu of the website could be risky. It looks like paid backlink and you know now what Google thinks about paid backlinks. Also this sort of backlinks surrounded by a diverse links could look like links from irrelevant website. Of course, this sort of links could help getting your website traffic. But to not risk a penalty use a “naked” or “branded” link instead of rich anchor text backlink. You will read more about “naked” and “branded” links in the next section of this article.

Keyword rich anchor text links – a backlink with exactly the same anchor text like the main keyword of the linked website. You will read more in the next section about these sort of links.

Check what Google has to say about links:

What does a good backlink look like?

If you still reading you know that when it comes to SEO you should focus only on DOFOLLOW links. You know that buying links is forbidden. But I am afraid that you are still wondering how the good backlink should look like. I will try to give you the satisfying answer.

In most cases your link should be “naked” or with branded anchors. You should avoid rich anchor text links. Of course, you can add anchors but not exactly the same like the main keyword of the page you are linking.

For example: If the main keyword of the page you are linking is: “Bicycles New York City” the anchor cannot be the same. Why? Because it does not look natural. Nobody will add exactly the same anchor like your main keyword. So these sort of links informs Google that you are a cheater. And we both know what will happen if Google finds you cheating.

Instead of adding the same anchor like your main keyword, add something similar. For example: “bicycles” or “Buy solid bicycles in the NYC”. These links look more natural.

But the best option is to collect “naked” links or links with branded anchor. What is “naked” link? Naked link is your website URL address( Branded anchors are anchors with your company name.

You may ask yourself: How can I improve my website’s position in the Google Search ranking for the specific keyword, if the backlinks will be naked or branded? The answer is simple. Remember what I was writing in the previous part of this article about relevant websites or editorial backlinks? Google is reading what is written before backlink and after. So if your naked or branded link is surrounded by keywords you will improve your position in the Google search naturally.

Example: Lets’ say that mentioned before bicycle business name is “Bicycle Inc.” and the website’s address is: The keyword you are interested in is “bicycles NYC”. In this case you may place a link in the sentence: “If you are looking for solid bicycles in the NYC Bicycle Inc. is the best choice” or “buy bicycles in the NYC”.

You can do the same with the footer of your niche relevant forum profile. Example: “John Smith – CEO and Founder of Bicycle Inc – the best bicycles in the NYC”. Also, you can do the same with the business directories etc.


High-quality SEO is all about positive user experience. The most important is to develop the high-quality content. If you do so, Google will give you the highest positions in return. If you want to improve your website’s position in the Google Search results remember about the rules described in this article. Hope you have found the right answers.

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