how to create a facebook page

How to create a page on Facebook

Social Media Marketing is really important today. If you care of your business grow you have to create a Facebook Page for your business. Once the Facebook Page is created you will be available to start building a strong relationship with your clients on Facebook. Facebook is giving you a lot of great features for your business promotion. Let’s see what you need to do if you want to create a Facebook Page.

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Facebook has a lot of fantastic features to extend your brand awareness and get more clients.

In this guide I will lead you step by step describing you in details what you have to do to properly create a Facebook Page. I have also added the images just to make you feel clear about each step.

It is obvious for me that a Facebook account is needed. So before you start make sure that you have one 😉 I know that it could be funny but believe me some of us still do not have an account on the Facebook or do not know how to register it.

How to create a Facebook page

Ok, I assume that you have a profile on Facebook and you are logged in. If so, in the top main menu click Create / Page.

How to create a page on Facebook

Then you have to decide what type of page you want to create. You can choose: “Business or Brand” and “Community or Public Figure

How to create a page on Facebook

What is the difference between Business or Brand and Community or Public figure pages on Facebook? There is no big difference. Depends on the type of page you choose, some features may be unavailable. You can find more information here:

Once you decide which page category will be the best for you, then it’s time to provide a name and a category.

How to create a page on Facebook

Great! Your page is created!

Now it’s time for the configuration. First step is to add a profile picture. In most cases you should add your company logo here. If you do not have a logo you can skip this step and add it later. You can also create a logo with Canva – it’s free.

Add a cover photo

Now it’s time to add your cover photo. You can find some great free pictures here at Pexels or at Rawpixel. The picture size for the Facebook’s cover photo should be like 820px x 312px

If you want to create your custom image you can use Canva the same like with the logo.

But no worries. You can also skip this step and add your cover picture later.

Add a Facebook Cover photo

The last step is about add a tool for the online bookings. If you want to give you clients an ability to book online meetings with you just add an online booking tool. Of course the same like with two previous steps you can skip this step and add the online booking tool later.

add online booking tool to facebook

Facebook Online Booking Tool

Facebook has its own tool for booking the online meetings. Once you decide turn on the online booking tool a special “book now” button will be added to your page.

facebook booking page set up

If somebody clicks the “book now” button it will be able to schedule an online meeting with you. Once the client book a meeting you will receive a notification so you can approve it or decline it.

If you accept a meeting request the client will see a message with the confirmation and ability to add the meeting to a calendar. Facebook generates a special URL address for the online bookings. You can share this URL address with the clients and they can book a meeting with you using that URL address.

Facebook Booking URL Address

Your booking URL address is in the Appointment Settings. You will find more information how to get there below.

Your booking tool is fully customizable. You can set up the time slots when you are available, a timezone, add services list, or even integrate your booking calendar with you Google Calendar. Thanks to that your clients will now book a meeting when you are unavailable.

To fully customize your Facebook’s booking tool just click the Appointments tab in the main menu in the top of your Facebook page.

facebook appointments settings

And then from the left column below the calendar click Appointment Settings.

If you already have a Facebook Page and you want to activate a booking tool check this guide:

Facebook Page Configuration

Now it’s time to finish the configuration. The most important you have to provide are:

  • Short Description 255 characters
  • Categories
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Location
  • Service Area
  • Hours
  • Products
  • Privacy Policy Link

To provide these information listed above just click “edit page info”. You will find this tab in the top menu of your Facebook Page.

facebook page configuration

Create a Page Username

Setting up a specific user name is always a good option. It’s easier for the clients to find you by user name instead of auto generated id. To create a page username just click below your Facebook Page logo and set up the unique page name.

facebook page user name set up
facebook page user name set up

Write your own story

Facebook Page gives you an ability to write your own story. You can write about you and your business. Each of us has its own story. Facts tell, but stories sell – they say.

Be unique. Write your own story and get the clients trust. To add a story just click on “our story” in the right column of your Facebook Page. Tell the people your own story.

Add a button to get people to take an action from your page

Facebook Page gives you an ability to create a special button with specific actions.

facebook button

If you have configured a booking tool then this button will allow clients to book a meeting with you. If you did not then you have to set up this button for some specific action.

To set up some action just click on the button and you will see a few options.

facebook button configuration

You can test each of these options and choose this one that suits you. The most common situation is configuring the “Contact Us” button. You can add a website URL address where the clients will be redirected once they click the button.

facebook button configuration

Build the audience

The bigger audience you have the better. Your audience will grow over the time. But especially at the beginning when you audience equals zero you have to begin inviting your friends. To unlock all of the Facebook page features your audience has to be 10 people minimum.

In the right column of your Facebook Page you will find “Invite Friends” button. Just click on it and ask your friends to like your page.


Your first Facebook Page is finished. You can start promotion now. Remember to add your page to your website. Also it’s time to add your first Facebook post.