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The Google’s Algorithm Big Change is coming

Google has made an announcement that they are going to evaluate page experience for a better web. The big change of Google algorithm is coming. But no worries. Google is giving you the time to improve your websites. Let’s check what is going to change. 

High value content is still the most important thing when it comes to SEO. But what will happen when the Google crawls a few websites with the similar content? This one with better user experience will be ranked higher.

website user positive experience

For now you can stay calm. Nothing changed. But it will change in 2021. Google will publish another announcement 6 month before the update of the Google Search Algorithm. This is really comfortable situation for the websites owners because Google is giving them the time to improve their websites.

Every year Google is trying to improve the Internet with positive user experience. And this change which is coming will be another great change for the whole web industry. 

What should you do now?

Focus on improving your website’s user positive experience. The more user like your page the better. Google do not want so serve their users websites with errors.

You should also take care of Core Web Vitals. The subset of Web Vitals that apply to all web pages, should be measured by all site owners, and will be surfaced across all Google tools.

User positive experience examples:

website user positive experience

Mobile Friendly Website 

Check if your website is mobile friendly. We live in the world of mobile devices. This is why it is really important to have mobile friendly website. If you want to rank higher in the Google Search Results improve your website’s mobile visibility.

User Friendly Navigation

Proper navigation is another must have when it comes to the user positive experience. Be sure that your navigation is well-designed. It is good to consider adding breadcrumbs on all your pages. Thanks to breadcrumbs user is always sure about his location while surfing through your website.

Make sure that your website does not have any orphan pages. Orphan pages are the pages unavailable to reach through your website’s navigation because they are not linked in any place.

SSL certificate

Nowadays cybersecurity is so important. There is a lot of danger in the Internet. Your website’s visitors have to see that they are safe. This is why websites without HTTPS are now marked as insecure.

Do not make your website’s users feel unsafe. Buy a SSL certificate and install it properly.

Non-intrusive interstitials

All of us know these annoying pop-up windows which cover the website’s content. People search in the Google for the content. So, do not cover the content with the pop ups. If you think that covering your website’s content with the nagging pop ups is great idea wait till the Google rank you lower.

…Maybe this will make you change your mind.

Content formatting

Try to write a lot of short paragraphs instead of a few long. Reading long paragraphs is difficult. It is better for the human eyes to read short paragraphs. Use headings to divide your articles into parts.

content formating

Adding a table of contents is also a good idea. Thanks to that a user could be redirected directly to the part he is interested in, instead of reading all your article.

Add pictures and videos because it makes your article more interesting for a user. And this improves the user experience as well.

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Tools to analyze user positive experience

A few great tools form the Google to analyze your website

Google has a few great tools that will help you to check either your website needs to be fixed or not. 

Core Web Vitals Report in the Google Search Console – report shows how your pages perform based on real world usage data (sometimes called field data)

Google Page Speed Insights – a family of tools by Google Inc, designed to help a website’s performance optimizations.

Google Lighthouse – an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages.

Commercial tools to analyze your website

Beside free tools from the Google, you can find a lot of great commercial tools to improve your website users positive experience.

Please find below two the best ones – but this is only my opinion.

Ahrefs  – This app will tell you everything you need to know about your website and the websites of your competitors. But the most important feature to improve your website’s positive experience is “site audit”. Ahrefs site audit feature will show you all your website errors you have to improve to rank higher in the Google Search results.


Crazyegg – It helps you understand the customer journey with Snapshots, Heatmaps and Recordings. Thanks to that you can instantly understand your website users and improve their positive experience.


If you want more information directly from the Google, please visit:

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