Free online appointment scheduling for clients

Free online appointment scheduling for clients

Companies which work remotely without any office are not only professional but also modern. Are you modern? Do your clients have an ability to schedule an online appointment with you? If not, this post is for you.

Nowadays everything is online. Ten years ago, it was not professional to lead a business remotely. If you haven’t had an office some clients may not have trusted you.

Now everything looks different. You can meet with the people and drink a beer – online. People can find an English teacher online, or even improve their mental health by online psychologist consultations.

A lot of innovative software is sprouting from nowhere every day. In the past there was a lack of software and people couldn’t find the right software for their businesses. In most situations when a business was in need of specific software, they were looking for a software development companies.

These software development companies where developing the software from the scratch. Today a lot of software is still developed from the scratch. But it is also possible to find a free software for any type of business.

Free Online appointment scheduling software

In the modern world the client is the one who decides either it schedule a call or not. If the client has scheduled a call you have 50% chances to close a deal.

Free Online appointment scheduling software

I am testing a lot of software every day. This is my job to find the best solutions for the business which I am responsible for. I am especially in fond of an online appointment scheduling software. I think that there is nothing better to increase a sale effectiveness than a face2face conversation.

For me the best online appointment scheduling software are:

Microsoft Bookings if you are using Microsoft Office 365, and Meeting Scheduler for Gmail if you prefer to work with the Gmail. Microsoft and Google are still two the best options for business. Both are giving you a lot of solutions which can help you manage your firm. From software for developing documents to advanced cloud solutions.

In my opinion our nation is divided between these two companies.

Both of the solutions mentioned above have similar functionalities like:

  • Calendar integration
  • Notifications about the appointment for the client and for the company
  • Dedicated URL address to schedule a meeting online
  • Ability to personalize a booking page with a company’s logo, colors, name, and so.
  • Multiple calendars
  • And a lot more

Both of them are free. Microsoft bookings is included in the Microsoft Office 365.

Be modern with online appointments

Be modern with online appointments

Make a good first impression by making it easy for the clients to schedule an appointment with you. You can add your booking page URL address into many places like:

Google and Microsoft have their own software for online meetings. If you want to set up a meeting online like video conversation you can easily configure them. In this case despite giving your clients an ability to book an online appointment you can generate a special URL address for the client, so it can join the meeting easy. For the Microsoft this app will be Microsoft Teams. And Google Meet for the Gmail users.

Other options

If you are looking for a software which will give you more functionalities you can check these two paid options below. Both of them could be free as well but with some limitations.


ZOHO company has a lot of solutions for business. The best of them is their CRM software. This CRM software could be integrated with many ZOHO other apps. ZOHO could be also integrated with the most popular applications from the Google and Microsoft.

When it comes to online appointments ZOHO has its own app – ZOHO Bookings. If you are using ZOHO CRM you can easily combine ZOHO Booking with ZOHO CRM or with ZOHO SalesIQ. ZOHO SalesIQ is a great live chat solution which is easy to implement on company’s website.

ZOHO SalesIQ also carry a chatbot solution so you can automate your conversation with the clients.


HubSpot is a one of the most popular marketing automation tools. It has its own free solution for online appointments scheduling – but with limited functionality.

If you want to have your booking page fully customizable you have to choose a paid option.

What is really great about HubSpot free plan? In HubSpot free plan you are receiving an access to CRM Software and you can easily manage all of your leads.

HubSpot the same as ZOHO has its own live chat solution. And the same as ZOHO you can easily set up a chatbot. This chatbot could carry all your conversations with the clients at your website and on Facebook as well. HubSpot’s chatbot solution is also free with limited functionality. But in my opinion this limited functionality is enough to impress your client how modern your company is.

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