what is digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

I bet you have heard something about digital marketing. But do you really know what digital marketing is? In this post you will find everything you should know to lead your company’s marketing activities into the right direction.

What is digital marketing?

Before we start you should know what digital marketing is. There is a lot of digital marketing definitions over the internet. By they are all similar. My own digital marketing definition is:

“Every activity that helps you deliver a story about your product or service to your client through the digital channels.”

By digital channels I mean Google Search, Social Media, Company’s blog, TV, etc.

Why digital marketing is so important?

Digital marketing Is so important because it could be really difficult to deliver a story about your product or service to your client without using digital channels.

We are searching in Google for every information. Also, we are all surrounded by social media – everywhere – even in the toilet.

If you see something interesting during a walk with your dog what will you do? You will share it over a Snapchat, IntaStory, or so. But if somebody will try to give you a flyer you will kindly ask him to go away. You have to be where your clients are. And they are online – all the time. This is why digital marketing is so important.

Inbound vs outbound marketing

Digital marketing activities are divided into two categories. Inbound and outbound. As you can see, they are opposite to each other. And yes, each of these marketing activities differs completely.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is each marketing activity which – in the end – has to reach a big group of people.

Example: Paid promotion of your post in the social media, e-mail marketing to the database which you have bought, advertise in tv, or so.

Of course, well-prepared outbound marketing strategy could get you some valuable leads. But in my opinion outbound marketing is much less effective than inbound. You never know who in the end of the day will receive your story. Outbound marketing could be expensive.

outbound marketing

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is some sort of client magnet. Instead of sending a story to the large group of clients you focus on developing some valuable resources for the clients. And then, by promoting these resources over the Internet you generate leads. You can call it – lead magnet.

inbound marketing

Example: You develop a company’s blog and write valuable content for your clients, which answer their questions. Then you focus on SEO so your clients may find the content through the Google. Once the client lands on your blog’s post then you ask him to leave you his contact details. You can do this by giving him some free resources like E-Book and ask the client to give you his contact information in the return. You can also install a chatbot which will be trying to schedule a free consultation online.

Inbound marketing is so powerful because in most cases it brings you the right leads. Of course, to do the best inbound marketing you have to learn more about content marketing. To develop great inbound marketing strategy you have to know the questions your clients ask.

The best Digital Marketing Channels

It is difficult to choose the best marketing channels. It depends on what your client persona is. Sometimes the best for your marketing campaign could be Facebook, sometimes Instagram, sometimes only a company’s blog. You have to know who your client persona is. Once you know that, then you can choose only these digital marketing channels which are proper to your business.

To give you the brief overview of the best digital marketing channels I will try to shortlist only these – in my opinion – worth your while.

  • Google
  • Company’s blog
  • Social Media
  • Guest posting

Google – When you are not in the Google you do not exist. Google is the most powerful digital marketing channel. You have to focus on your website’s SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so your clients could find you in the Google. If your website reaches the highest positions in the Google Search Ranking, then you may not need other digital marketing channels. Google will be filling your pipeline and you will not be hungry no more 😉

Company’s Blog – Another powerful digital marketing channel. I am especially in fond of blogging. Well-written blog with the high-quality content could bring you a huge traffic into your company’s website. Just focus on what questions your clients are asking and what questions they should be asking. Then write the answers.

Social Media – We all are spending hours on social media. Leading your company’s profiles in the social media is of course a good idea. Social media will be strengthening your company’s brand awareness. Beside social media will improve your website traffic. Higher traffic = more clients.

Guest posting – guest posting is similar to writing a blog. The difference is that you publish posts on the blogs that belongs to somebody’s else. Most of the websites with the articles are giving an ability to publish a guest post. Just type in the Google “NICHE + write for us”. Example: “Marketing write for us”.

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The Best Digital Marketing Tools

In this fantastic article written by Sprout Social you can find 41 digital marketing tools: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/digital-marketing-tools/. I will add up a few just to extend the list.

Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager – it’s on the list in the article above but it’s worth to be mentioned again. Google Analytics combined with Google Tag Manager could give you ability to analyze everything. It’s really important to measure how effective your marketing activities are. When it comes to me, I especially like to set up the goals and analyze their conversion like: filling the form or new online meeting booked.

Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager

Ahrefs – a solid tool with a bunch of fantastic features. Features that will help you improve your website’s SEO and collect a huge amount of data about your competitors.

ahrefs app

Buzz Sumo – another great tool to track your competitors. It will help you find the most trending content written by your competitors. Thanks to this tool you will find a lot of content ideas.

buzz sumo

Web Forms – Web forms are so simple but so powerful. Well-configured could collect you leads every day. The most important about the web forms is to set up a form with a CRM software. Web form combined with CRM could be a great tool to develop you the database of your potential clients.  

Microsoft Bookings – Microsoft Bookings could help you in scheduling meetings with your clients. It’s a part of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Bookings could be combined with Microsoft Teams. Thanks to that your clients could book the meetings with you and receive unique URL address to join the meetings.

microsoft bookings


Digital Marketing Strategy is must have for each company which wants to grow. What worked in the “old generation marketing” may not work today. This is why you have to still search for the new digital marketing tactics. By properly set up analytical tools you can analyze either something works for you or not.  By collecting data in the right way you can easily decide which digital marketing tactics are the best for your business.

You have to remember that we are all online. It could be difficult to seek for the clients without well prepared digital marketing strategy.

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