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How to increase contact form conversions and sale more

Every website should have a contact form. Contact form is still one of the best tools for lead generation. Properly configured could help you get more clients. In this post I will show you how to configure a contact form in the right way and sale more.

Everybody agrees that contact form is must have when it comes to a website development. But not every website owner is focusing on how to improve the contact form and sale more. While exploring the Internet, I see a lot of exactly the same contact forms – with the same issues.

Why is that? I do not know. But what I do know is that – once you follow these tips below, you will increase your contact form conversions. You have my word.  

The right number of the fields

Of course, each contact form is different. In this post I am writing about the most common one. The form which is placed on almost every company’s website.

The best contact form should have 3 fields maximum. Why? Because nobody likes to spend hours filing the long and not intuitive form.

contact form conversions

Required fields

Every form has to have its own required fields. Each information which increases your chances to contact client and communicate with him properly should be required. In the example above you saw that “name” and “e-mail” fields are required.

Why? Because people like to be called by their names. It’s better to start a message with “Dear Name” instead of “Dear potential client”.

On the other hand, e-mail has to be required because you have to do some follow ups. Once you receive a message, you have to reply as quick as you can. Without having the right client’s e-mail, it would be impossible. How you can send a message to the client if you do not have his e-mail address? It’s obvious.

It’s really important to check if the field was filled with the proper data. Be sure that your contact form is checking if the user provided correct value in each field.

“Thank you” page

Why each contact form should have the “thank you” page? First of all, I am personally nervous when I am filling the form, and I am not sure either my message was sent or not. By redirecting your client to other page with the confirmation you will get at least a few things:

  1. Client is sure that he filled the form properly and you received his message. By saying “thank you” you show your client that you care. That you respect the time he spent on filling the form.
  2. You can implement analytic tool which will help you analyze the conversion. You will read about this in the next part of this article.
  3. You can show your client something else that will increase your chance to make a closing soon. It could be the unique link to a page where the client will be able to schedule a call with you.
thank you page

E-mail Confirmation + Follow up

Despite redirecting your client to the “thank you” page, you should send him an e-mail with the confirmation. Once the client closes the “thank you” page, he may wonder if you really received a message from him. It could make the client feels bad.

When the customer receives an e-mail with the confirmation, he will be calm. He will be sure that you received his message and he can wait patiently for your reply.

Also, this is the time to do the follow up. This is the time to ask your client additional questions. In this type of e-mail, you may also ask your client to schedule a call with you.

By sending the e-mail confirmation to your client, you show him that you care of each detail. This makes you look professional. Just ask yourself how you would feel in this sort of situation.

Meeting Scheduler

We live in the XXI century and we are busy. We are surrounded by technology and what we really care is – time. Time is money. This is why people do not want to waste the time.

How your client can save the time? By scheduling an online meeting with you. He will not be stuck in the traffic jam while driving to your HQ. Today nobody even cares if you have the office. What we really care is to have the job done fast.

On the other hand, people hate when salesperson is bothering them with the calls. If you ask your client to schedule a call with you, you show that you respect his time.  You give him an ability to choose the right time slot for a call. What is the most important, he is the one who decides.

Some of the clients will schedule a call with you but some of them will continue with the e-mail conversation. Just to be sure if you are worth their time during a call.

There is a lot of fantastic tools for scheduling the meetings properly. Most of them show the clients a calendar in their time zones. Thanks to that both parties will be always sure when the meeting begins.

Microsoft Bookings – the best meeting scheduler especially for the Microsoft Office 365 users. Easy to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail – a plugin for the Gmail users fully integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail.

CRM Integration

If you want to manage your leads effectively, then a CRM software is must have. Most of the CRM software have their own web forms. These forms are easy to implement and integrated with the CRM. Thanks to that once the form is filled on the website, then a new lead is added to the CRM database.

crm integration

Analyze contact form conversions

It is really important to analyze the contact form conversions. The more data you collect the better. By analyzing conversions, you may see how effective your contact form is. Also, by proper integration with the Google Analytics you may analyze which type of users are filling the form.

For example, if you see that the best conversions you have from the users from the specific place, then you can think about some advertisement there.

Google Analytics has a special functionality to track the contact form conversions. Setting up the goal in the Google Analytics is really simple.

How to set up goals in the Google Analytics

Go to your Google Analytics and from the main menu on the right side choose Conversions -> Goals -> Overview

set up goals in the google analytics

Click the button “set up goals” and on the next page click “new goal” button.

set up goals in the google analytics

Choose the radio box “Template” and click “Continue” button.

Set up your goal name like “contact form” and choose the radio box “Destination”. Then click “Continue” button.

Provide the destination to your “thank you page” like Click “save” and that’s it. Your goal is properly set up. Please remember to set up meta tags of thank you website in the right way.

Thank you page has to be NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX, and excluded from the sitemap. The only way to reach this page is by filling the form. This is important to track conversions properly. If this website will be indexed in the Google Search, then you may collect the wrong data.

google analytics goals set up

Now you can collect detailed data about your contact form conversion. Read more about setting up goals in the Google Analytics here:


According to the tips above, properly configured contact form could be a solid tool for the lead generation.

Besides, it will make your website looks more professional. The client will see that you care of each detail. Client positive experience is really important in sales. Especially when you are trying to get more leads over the internet.

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